Who is eligible for WRAP?
Residential customers of participating GLWA wholesale customer communities who are at or below the 150% of federal poverty income guidelines are eligible.

If the city or municipality that I receive water and/or sewer services from is not listed, can I still receive WRAP services?
Only residential customers of those GLWA wholesale customer cities and municipalities that have opted in to the WRAP program can participate. Wholesale communities can contact us at to learn how to opt in.

What if I am above the 150% of poverty and am not eligible for WRAP assistance, but I still need help staying current or paying my water bill?
Some communities including the City of Detroit and Warren offer payment plan options. These plans allow for customers to pay down arrears by spreading them across future payments. Please contact your municipality to find out if payment options exist.

WRAP provides a $25 per month bill credit and lump sum payments on arrears at the 6 and 12 month mark. What if I have received a shut off notice and what happens to my arrears once I enter the program?
Once you are approved for WRAP, your arrears will be frozen and you shut off will be suspended.

What happens if I am unable to pay the balance of my monthly bill?
WRAP participants are encouraged to budget monthly to maintain a current payment status. The first instance of a missed payment, participants will be contacted by a WRAP Case Manager to assess the issue to come to a positive resolution. The second instance of a missed payment, the participant will receive an official letter and will be exited from the program. The service provider will also receive notice.